Hang In There! 14k gold Cat Necklace & Pendant

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Hang in there, baby!

This gorgeous 14K gold-plated cat pendant will dangle from your neck like your cat hangs from the curtains, minus the claws. Because if your kitties are anything like ours, they are and making it their mission to get their little paws into everything. This little guy is no different!

This cat necklace, featuring an adorable gold-plated kitty, Lets your cat hang out with you wherever you go, literally!

 This simple, elegant design is the pur-fect piece of jewelry to wear with any outfit. Don't miss your chance to bring a little piece of home to work with you, and grab this beautiful cat necklace to remind you of your kitty waiting at home for you.

Hanging Cat Necklace Includes:

  • 14K White Gold Plated Brass Pendant
  • 14K White Gold Plated Adjustable Chain
  • Pendant Width: 2.2 x 0.6 cm
  • Necklace Length: 45 cm